The return of laptop surgeries

So this weekend see’s the return of my monthly laptop surgeries after a pleasant summer off; FYI these are the dates that I have agreed with St Johns Wood Library, all the surgeries will be between 10am and 12pm;

  • September 13th
  • October 4th
  • November 8th
  • December 6th
I will probably be taking January off as well, since not a lot of people will be around in the new year;  with the next surgery scheduled in February.
As always a special thank you goes out to my friend and colleague Soheir Ghallab, who helps me with these surgeries providing training to those who ask for it (and crowd control!!!)
wish us luck (couldn’t find an emoji for ‘fingers crossed’)
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Houses in Shanghai are not built, they’re printed[1]-

This is a fantastic project, I only wish more companies/countries would engage in this practice. Would do wonders for the shortage of social housing for example.

CHINDIA ALERT: You'll be living in their world, very soon

A Chinese company recently built 10 full-sized houses using a giant printer.

Houses in Shanghai are not built, they're printed

The detached, one-story houses now standing in the Shanghai Hi-Tech Industrial Park, in the city’s Qingpu district, look like ordinary buildings. But they were “printed out” in less than a day with “contour crafting“, commonly known as 3-D printing technology.

‘Mirror’ perfect fit for shoppers  Four huge printers measuring 32 meters long, 10 meters wide and 6.6 meters tall were used to make the houses, which were built layer by layer.

“It’s not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly,” said Ma Yihe, inventor of the printers, who is also president of the Shanghai Winsun decoration and design company.

“Unlike traditional construction, the new technology doesn’t produce any waste,” said Ma, who has been working in the 3-D printing construction industry for 12 years.

The materials used to make the houses are a mixture of quick-drying…

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Tories ready to choose Holborn and St Pancras candidate

Richard Osley

toriesHOLBORN and St Pancras is a bruising battleground for the Conservatives. Frank Dobson has seen them all off over the years. Yet it remains a reasonably attractive training ground for ambitious Tories, if not only for the big names that have been defeated here and then gone onto far bigger  things. John Major, for example. Margot James is another.

With all the talk of Frank not standing again, and he’s due to speak to members next Tuesday for another opportunity to get the hare running on a Labour selection contest, there might also be a little added interest in standing here for one of the other parties.

And the Tories are ready to make their choice tomorrow night. A special meeting of constituency members has been called and a final shortlist of four is on the table: Two councillors from Westminster, JP Floru and Suhail Rahuja, are on the list…

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Camden Town’s busking void

Richard Osley

ct2CAMDEN Council insisted, and still insists, its busking licensing policy was not about driving musicians from the streets. All they needed to do was sign up and they could still play on, as long as it was not amplified and not too late in the evening. Like buskers or hate buskers, the reality of the policy so far is that there are fewer musicians out there by Camden Town station since the rules came into play. Councillors will say they didn’t set out to get rid of the buskers, but take it from someone who walks past five times a day or so, their number have dwindled.

ctAnd it’s led to a stranger stage than what was there before. For although the street musicians have looked elsewhere, street performers still appear. Giant bubble blowers sometimes come on a Friday evening and coat the street with fairy liquid. There’s a football…

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Musical CV: About me 2014

LJ Rich

So, I’m a freelance presenter and music composer/hacker.  I do a lot for Click, the BBC’s tech show but I’ve also hosted BBC Orchestra events and most recently hosted my first Radio 3 show, which was great fun. I love doing projects where music and technology meet, so any excuse to do more is fallen upon with great joy.

These are the things I love.

1)     Music composition and performance –  I do a lot of classical piano and orchestral composition – including spontaneous classical piano composition in pretty much any style.  It just comes out like that, I can’t explain it, but I’m OK with showing it off now.  I really enjoy giving live recitals!  – recently performed at BBC NBH much to the surprise of some of my work colleagues…

Here’s an informal performance from a few weeks ago:

2)    …

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